Porsche 911 restomod specialists

Vintage cars lovers who wish for a unique car, can fully customize their Porsche 911 restomod with a wide selection of Porsche’s original components, colors and materials.

The high quality of the components, the experience in the manufacturing processes, the scrupulous attention to details and the continuous communication with the customer are just some of the factors that make Lab Eleven a company appreciated worldwide in the luxury car restyling sector.

The art of combining the retrò 70’s charme with modern technologies

Lab Eleven stands out for the high quality and for the captivating aesthetic style of the restomod cars, thanks to the use of original Porsche details, which have obtained great success over the years and are still considered trendy today, symbols of a sought-after style among classic car enthusiasts.
Lab Eleven accurately selects Porsche 993 models for the backdate, produced from 1994 to 1998, and modifies them in order to bring their line back to the more sought-after Porsche 911 of the 70s.

Lighter version for higher performances

The lightened version of the car is obtained by replacing steel with materials such as carbon and aluminum. This ensures a better power-to-weight ratio which makes the engine more efficient and optimizes the car’s set-up, making it even more pleasant to drive.

Porsche trusted partners to guarantee the best quality

Lab eleven performs all the steps to guarantee a perfect backdate of the vehicle, delivering a turnkey car with all the documentation necessary to circulate regularly and in complete safety in Europe. Our cars are entrusted to expert mechanics in the luxury car sector and supervised by the parent company.