About Lab Eleven

Lab Eleven is a family business born from the founder’s passion, Pino La Rosa and his daughter Milena, for Porsche cars. Headquartered in Kitzbühel, Austria, the operative workshop is based in the province of Pavia (Italy). The company can count on a team with over 40 years of experience in restyling cars made by the German manufacturer. More in detail, Lab Eleven is specialized in the “restomod” of the iconic 911 model of the 70s, that is, bringing the design of cars back to the splendor of the past decades but with the addition of modern components and technologies.

Milena and Pino Larosa, Lab Eleven founders

Father and daughter united by a passion for beauty

Lab Eleven is an Italian story of great passion for beauty, as well as the deep connection between father and daughter, their story interwoven with the elegant and captivating lines of the classic Porsche 911.
The childhood memories of Milena, a lively and intelligent child who waits for her dad after school, are superimposed with the image of a young woman who still adores him. Her father is passionate about the limited editions of the prestigious German car manufacturer.
And so Lab Eleven was born, inspired by the image of a colorful rucksack slung onto the back seat of a 911, there beside it a man’s elegant leather weekend bag. Father and daughter take a short drive through the Sicilian countryside, as they do every Friday after school. This special moment is just for them: the wind ruffles their hair from the lowered window while soft music plays from the car stereo. They find joy in spending time together in these highly cherished places, which from 1955 had hosted the prestigious Targa Florio, the world’s oldest sports car racing event.
The years go by, and though her school days are long gone, a grown-up Milena and her father – sporting a few more grey hairs – continue to find time for small trips together as though nothing has changed. Only now an elegant leather handbag has replaced the rucksack. This detail forms the Lab Eleven project in the young woman’s mind: the idea of finding a meeting point between her dad’s passion for cars and her own feminine energy in a collection of accessories for a father and daughter who want to spend time together. Or free spirits who love to be immersed in the beauty of the journey, be it short or long.
There is an effortless shift from here to drawing inspiration for the design of the collection from the exclusive Porsche universe. The class and unmistakable style of the German car are translated into elegant and sophisticated accessories, created using the finest materials and shaped by the expert hands of Italian artisans for customers who appreciate beauty and quality.
A successful expression of Made in Italy and a perfect summary of what creates the Lab Eleven harmony of aesthetics and manufacturing tradition.