Porsche 911 restomod by Lab Eleven is a dream come true

Unique style, retro charm of the fabulous 70s with Porsche certified quality

Pino e Milena LarosaLab Eleven is a family business born from the founder’s passion, Pino La Rosa and his daughter Milena, for Porsche cars. The workshop, based in the province of Pavia (Italy), can count on a team with over 40 years of experience in restyling cars made by the German manufacturer. More in detail, the company is specialized in the “restomod” of the iconic 911 model of the 70s, that is, bringing the design of cars back to the splendor of the past decades but with the addition of modern components and technologies.

The result is a unique car, completely customized, with quality materials directly produced by the Porsche company.

Lab Eleven stands out for the high quality of the restomod cars and for the captivating aesthetic style, thanks to the use of original Porsche details, which have obtained great success over the years and are still considered trendy today, symbols of a sought-after style among classic car enthusiasts.

We export our cars all over the world and they have been particularly appreciated by Japanese entrepreneurs, who came to visit us in Italy to see our works” the young entrepreneur Milena La Rosa explains. “The client can completely customize the car, from the engine to the colors up to the interior details. The only constraint we set concerns the origin of components and accessories: they must necessarily be Porsche“.

The car can also be lightened in terms of weight, by replacing steel with materials such as carbon and aluminum. This ensures a better power-to-weight ratio which makes the engine more efficient and optimizes the car’s set-up, making it even more pleasant to drive.

The model on which the backdate is made is Porsche 993, produced from 1994 to 1998, which is modified in the Lab Eleven workshops, to bring its line back to the more sought-after Porsche 911 of the 70s.

Porsche 911 Penicilline restomod

Lab Eleven acquires the 993 models from the European market after having carried out a careful assessment of the condition of the car and its parts, as well as the completeness of the documentation relating to its history, which must contain information on all the works carried out and on the previous owners.

Once the car has been selected, the interior, windows and electrical system are dismantled. The car is completely cleaned and sanitized with a wash at a temperature of 100°C to eliminate all impurities.

Next, Lab Eleven mechanics check for blemishes and proceed to remove the front, rear fenders and hood.

Widenings are placed on the fenders in order to backdate the line for the steel models, while new carbon bumpers and fenders are installed in the light models.

After replacing the front and rear windows, we proceed with the three-layer painting with a transparent finish that makes the bodywork resistant over the years, defects free, giving it a mirror-like shine typical of 1970s cars. “All the paints used and the color tones are the original Porsche ones” explains Milena.

But let’s move on to the beating heart of the car: the engine. The buyer can decide whether to keep the current engine capacity of the car or to increase it, going from 3,600 to 3,800. In the first case, the engine is disassembled, overhauled and worn-out parts are replaced with new ones. In case you want to increase the displacement, a newly manufactured engine is installed.

The electrical system is checked and brought back to the original, with the possibility of adding anti-theft and satellite systems if the customer requests them.

The headlights preserve the original 70s aesthetics on the outside, while halogen lights are placed inside.

The gearbox is opened to replace all bearings and any worn parts with new ones.

New Recaro seats are fitted. The customer can choose between leather, fabric, alcantara or mixed upholstery. The carpet, cut to measure, is in natural fiber like the one used in the 60s, with a wide choice of pastel colours.

The hi-fi system has the original Porsche retro design on the outside but it is digital on the inside, with the possibility of adding navigator and mobile phone connectivity.

Porsche 911 internals

Once all the restyling work has been completed, the car is tested, approved and delivered with all the necessary documentation to be able to circulate regularly and in complete safety in Europe.

The high quality of the components, the experience in the manufacturing processes, the scrupulous attention to details and the continuous communication with the customer are just some of the factors that make Lab Eleven a company appreciated worldwide in the luxury car restyling sector.

But that’s not all, Lab Eleven also represents a concrete example of circular economy, not only because it gives new life and splendor to disused cars, but also for the recovery of waste parts and materials such as screws and bolts, which are renewed and reintroduced in the market, thanks to the high quality and durability of the original components produced by Porsche.

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