911 3.6 T

Main characteristics

Power cv
Speed (km/h)

911 3.8 ST / 3.8 R

Main characteristics

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911 Slate Gray

911 Penicellin


Our cars are entrusted to expert mechanics in the luxury car sector and supervised by the parent company.

ASSETTO, the official Porsche 100-Points Test, is delivered with a test bench document that indicates the power and the weight of the car.

History of the car.

What does ‘Restomod’ mean?
The word ‘resto-mod’ derives from the contraction of the term ‘restore’ and ’modern’ adopted in the restoration of a classic car using innovative, original components and modern technologies.
With the resto-mod, you have the style, flavor, and charm of the classic car however with the characteristics of an ultra-modern version.
There are those who love to restore vintage cars and those who have decided to make the same while applying modern technology at the same time; in order to preserve the charm of the past, but at the same time making them still more current and sporty.

Model ‘R’ lightened version.

Forty years ago, Porsche Company had the target to build a vehicle with a weight/power ratio superior to any other competitive vehicle on the market.
A ‘razzapura’-version of a Porsche 911 was realized.
Built under the banner of maximum lightness in design, the front and rear bonnet, fenders, and bumpers were made of a glass-reinforced polygon (prfv), and the interior was revised and shaved into its ‘most pure in its form’.
LAB Eleven wanted to emulate the same philosophy based on a Porsche 911, 993 model from the years 1994 to 1998, using the currently available technologies.

ROTATIONS/TURNS: 5400 giri/min
ACCELERATION: 0 a 100 km/h circa 4,8 s
TOP SPEED/FULL SPEED: 285 km/h circa

Options for all 3 ‘Lab Eleven’ cars (Porsche 911 Models T, ST, and R)

  1. Aluminum front hood, smooth aluminum rear hood, for R model only rear bonnet with an aluminum flap or smooth.
  2. Headlights with carbon fiber- or chrome finish.
  3. ST model seats in carbon.
  4. Front tank cover in carbon fiber.
  5. Petals in aluminum.
  6. Strut brace in aluminum and carbon fiber or in aluminum only.
  7. Self-locking Porsche Original 40%.

Specifically, the car will be delivered with:

  • Front and rear bumpers in a single CARBON FIBER mold.
  • Front bonnet in ORIGINAL LINE of the ’70s in CARBON FIBER.
  • Engine hood in ORIGINAL LINE of the ’70s from the ‘2.2S’ in aluminum.
  • Polished aluminum grille (alternatively Dug Tail in carbon fiber and RSR 1973 aluminum).
  • Front widened fenders in carbon fiber.
  • ST model front seats with carbon fiber
  • The original doors with protection bar are lightened eliminating the electric windows.
  • The interior will be made more essential and purer with the elimination of some purely aesthetic elements.
  • The rear seats with backrests will be replaced with comfortable carpet seats (same as the model RS light from 1973).

In addition, the whole car will be completed with lightened accessories and with a finish typical of the Porsche 911 R of the year 1966.

Exclusive colors designed for
each of our models.