Porsche 911 Slate Gray: Discover the latest backdate masterpiece by Lab Eleven

Porsche 911 slate gray backdateWe are thrilled to present you the latest creation by Lab Eleven: a Slate Gray Porsche 911 restomod. This incredible example of restoration and modernization combines the classic aesthetics of a 911 with cutting-edge components and features. Not only does it offer an authentic look, but it also delivers remarkable performance improvements through the use of lightweight materials such as carbon fiber.

One of the first details that catches the eye is the ivory wheels, which seamlessly integrate with the Slate Gray body. This color combination gives the car an elegant and timeless appearance, attracting the attention of both car enthusiasts and lovers of refined style.

Once inside, the Porsche 911 Backdate becomes a visual spectacle. The dashboard is covered in intense brown alcantara, creating a captivating balance with the brown leather interior. The checkerboard pattern alternates with a lighter shade of brown, adding a unique touch of style to the cabin.

The luxuriously upholstered brown leather front seats provide comfort and support during the drive. For the rear passengers, a combination of brown and beige fabric has been selected, perfectly matching the car’s floor mats. This blend of materials gives the interior a sophisticated, warm, and inviting look.

But the surprises don’t end there! The use of carbon fiber components has resulted in significant weight savings, translating into improved maneuverability and performance. The Lab Eleven Slate Gray Porsche 911 offers an uncompromising driving experience, striking the perfect balance between power, agility and control.

This backdate combines the classic aesthetics of one of the most iconic sports cars of all time with modern components and extraordinary performance. If you are a car enthusiast seeking an unforgettable driving experience, you cannot afford to miss this jewel of restomod restoration.

Let yourself be captivated by the perfection and elegance of a Porsche 911 Backdate. Prepare to experience unique emotions on the road and leave your mark wherever you go with this marvel of automotive engineering. Lab Eleven has outdone themselves, creating a car that captures the soul and essence of classic Porsches while being an authentic protagonist of the present.

Experience the thrill of driving the future and the past together with the Lab Eleven Porsche 911 Backdate!

Want to discover all the available configurations? Visit this page and have fun creating your personalized backdate with your unique style!

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